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Before and After Schengen Matinee

Before and After Schengen Matinee

Inspired by Ignacio Evangelista’s photography sequence After Schengen, we brought together three artists to create an interdisciplinary event exploring notions of the vanishing border. In front of a screening of his work, Ignacio will be talking about his fascination with Europe’s disused border posts. His talk will be interwoven with poems by Hungarian-born poet George Szirtes, written in response to Ignacio’s images and read by George himself. The whole will be framed by a unique performance of musical fragments and improvisations devised by violist Shiry Rashkovsky. A truly international collaboration that encapsulates perfectly the spirit of Marchland.

15th Feb 2018 1:15 pm - 2:00 pm
£10 - £12
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