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The Oak of Two Greens Matinee

The Oak of Two Greens Matinee

We were keen to programme work for Marchland that explores the way culture is transformed as it crosses borders. Bardos Band’s The Oak of Two Greens shows us that this is an ancient and ongoing process. This is a melting-pot of rare and deeply-affecting music, woven around an ancient folktale. A resourceful harper charms his audience to sleep in order to steal their magical harp - The Oak of Two Greens. The harp belongs to the king of the Tuatha da Dannan; a legendary tribe which, according to legend, brought music to Ireland. Bardos Band follow the route this music might have travelled, using voice, harp, medieval fiddle, gittern, flutes and symphony to create an enchanting wash of sound. The instrumental virtuosity was stunning, The Record.

12th Feb 2018 1:15 pm - 2:00 pm
£8 - £10
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