A village in Alsace, early 20th C.


Lost kingdoms and frozen conflicts, melting pots and museum pieces, grey areas between the black and white of competing nationalisms… Welcome to Marchland, Théâtre Volière’s ongoing project programming and creating performance and interdisciplinary events from and about Europe’s borderlands.

We are an Anglo-French theatre and production company from Strasbourg, capital of Alsace; Europe’s crossroads, and one of its many borderlands with a rich and turbulent history.

Marchland is our response to the crises of identity currently sweeping Europe. For the next three years we are creating, programming and commissioning a series of events in central London, in which many traditions can come together and ask: What can the voices from Europe’s liminal spaces, past and present, tell us about what it means to be European today?

In March 2019, we mounted a weekend of site-specific sessions at Ye Olde Mitre pub near London’s Hatton Garden – which was temporarily renamed, The Marchland Arms.  Each session featured three distinct performances that, nevertheless, interweaved, overlapped and commented on each other. 

This summer we will be launching the publication of the poetry commissioned for The Marchland Arms and next year will see a full Marchland Season.